"We should consider it the great end of our existence to be found numbered among the worshipers of God."

 - John Calvin


At Oak Grove Baptist Church, our worship centers around who God is, who we are in light of God, why we need him every hour, and how He calls us to serve and share the gospel in all aspects of our lives.

When we worship God, we humble everything about ourselves and exalt everything about Him. Here are a few ways we exalt God in our hearts:

  • Through Our Thoughts
  • Through Our Love for Others
  • Through Our Faith
  • Through Our Gratefulness
  • Through Our Willing Obedience
  • Through Our Speech
  • Through Our Praise

While we use preaching, music, prayer, and scripture reading in our corporate gatherings, we encourage families to worship together at home as well. The songs we sing spring from sincere hearts and line up with the truth of God's Word.

So whether you can sing, play an instrument, or neither one, all are welcome to join us in declaring God's Word and proclaiming God's praises.

Our hope is that the songs we sing will lead us to a deeper love and admiration for God in our families and homes.


"Worship is one of the ultimate themes of this life, but it is never a question of whether worship will or won't occur in the heart of a human being. It's more a case of whether that worship will travel in the proper direction and end up in the right place. It's guaranteed that everyone on this planet will be an extravagant worshiper of some kind."

- Matt Redman